This blog is run by paramore/nfg fans with a loving for Chad and Hayley. One of the most perfect couples.
I should be over all the butterflies, but i'm into you this is a secondary blog, so we can't follow back
For those wondering, I just zoomed in on the lyrics from the photo! They're lyrics for Chad's solo project, What's Eating Gilbert! Like I said, I can't promise that the lyrics are 100% right but I tried. 🙈


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Hayley answered a fan on twitter saying her heart necklace was given to her 6 Halloweens ago from chad ... So here's what we all kinda already knew but now it's for sure.


awesome! :) here’s proof incase anyone’s wondering

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The picture with Hayley in the studio and with the lyrics as caption, is this a new song which isn't released yet? I'm a bit confused...

no i think its nfg lyrics im not totally sure

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I just followed your blog and i love it!!! I'm crying already! Peace.

yay thank you!!!

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What song is in the post where you've said "*Not garunteed to be the correct lyrics*" and did Paramore cover it?


i think theyre whats eating gilbert or new found glory lyrics… 

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Got to see @chvrches tonight live with @yelyahwilliams! Great show. Thanks @alexgadberry for the tickets!” -@xchadballx instagram

SCREAMS!!! this is almost a kissing photo though!!!! 

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How To Annoy Somebody

this is still my fave chayley moment EVER!

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@CHVRCHES w/ Chvd" -@yelyahwilliams twitter

chayley update for ya’ll

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Yeah, you're right. But sorry! I thought the picture was mirrored and it was the other hand! Thanks anyway


Haha no problem! sorry you got your hopes up :) One day!! 

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