This blog is run by paramore/nfg fans with a loving for Chad and Hayley. One of the most perfect couples.
I should be over all the butterflies, but i'm into you this is a secondary blog, so we can't follow back

hayley & chad 2007-2011

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petition for chad and hayley to do a duet of can’t help falling in love by elvis.

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chad + hayley 💖

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@yelyahwilliams: Happy #NationalDogDay to this little flufflepuff puppy butt… Alf!!😍❤️❤️❤️
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i had a dream last night that i met new found glory at a festival and i went up to chad and told him that i co-ran a blog called fuckyeahchayley on tumblr and he said “oh yeah! me and hayley go through it all the time together and reminisce with all the pictures and gifs”  

such a strange dream but it was cute!

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Ain’t it Fun (Paramore)- Covered by Vitamin String Quartet

Thought I’d share this, it’s so good.

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Hayley the ninja turtle. 

Hayley needs to see this!!

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